Ravens Vs Crows!!#interesting read #story

Ravens and crows are officially Earth's 'smartest birds': Logic and puzzle-solving comes naturally to these highly intelligent scavengers, claim researchers. Common crows and common ravens look similar but greatly differ in behavior. These black birds may belong to the same corvid family and look similar in some ways, but several distinctive traits help set them … Continue reading Ravens Vs Crows!!#interesting read #story

Equal Distribution Vs Distribution Equal!!

DISTRIBUTION EQUAL VS EQUAL DISTRIBUTION To his two sons, Dhirubhai Ambani bequeathed just his wealth and not happiness. My own conclusion is that to live in contentment is not human nature. One is a very wealthy Ambani, the other, a very healthy Ambani. But, like most humans, they are unhappy with what they have inherited … Continue reading Equal Distribution Vs Distribution Equal!!