Ravens Vs Crows!!#interesting read #story


Ravens and crows are officially Earth’s ‘smartest birds’: Logic and puzzle-solving comes naturally to these highly intelligent scavengers, claim researchers. Common crows and common ravens look similar but greatly differ in behavior. These black birds may belong to the same corvid family and look similar in some ways, but several distinctive traits help set them apart. In India, while common crows are found almost everywhere, the ravens are generally seen in the Northwestern parts of the country.

For an uninformed individual, it is extremely difficult to tell a raven from a crow. But, with a bit of practice, and a bit of understanding, you can tell them apart.

Interestingly, although they belong to the same family of birds, they are the sworn enemies to each other. While crows often operate in groups, ravens do not. Ravens are known to be dominating, quite sure of themselves and operate singly, without fear. One observes, multiple crows often harassing a single raven although ravens are bigger both in size and dimensions. However, crows are intelligent & cunning, are conscious of their smaller size and weakness, hence, do not attack the ravens one-to-one. They do stack up in numbers before mobbing a raven, the larger bird. In a one-on-one, a crow doesn’t stand a chance against a raven, which can reach up to three times a crow’s size and weight. Ganging up gives the crows the upper hand. The data reveals, crows were almost always the aggressors during the encounters with ravens—but only if crows had the edge in numbers. Many a times, multiple crows would gang up, cawing loudly, to harass a single raven. This is a familiar behavior of the crows and is called ‘mobbing.’ In 97 percent of the reported encounters between crows and ravens, scientists report, crows were the aggressors. Scientists believe, the crows could preclude ravens from gaining a foothold and establishing a territory by engaging in this sort of behavior.

The political scene in India, today, looks pretty similar. There are political crows from all political parties who have ganged up to dislodge a political raven who seems to be scaling new heights with every passing election. The political crows had tried every trick in the book to ensure that the political raven doesn’t get a foothold and doesn’t spread its wings. The crows are cawing but the raven is undisturbed.

But, who are the political crows and a political raven?

As I have stated above, an uninformed man wouldn’t be able to tell!!

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