Dr Rajkumar-The Hero Still Alive!!


Another book on Mutturaj aka Dr Rajkumar. A quick search on the Google will reveal that he is a personality on whom so much has been written and so many books published. If the thunderous applause, each time his name was uttered, is any indication, there are likely to be many more in the pipeline. Even after 12 years of his unfortunate death, the devoted fans seem to be still hungry for more.
Today’s book was a tad different : It’s a “wordly tribute ” from one of the most accomplished writers in Kannada Sahitya, Professor Baragur Ramachandrappa. Dr Anant Murty, a Jnana Pitha awardee and many other men of prominence often said that the sweetness of the Kannada language is evident when Dr Raj Kumar speaks. Professor Bargur Ramachandrappa, in my view, comes closest to the thespian. If I can put that in the language of this land, “matugalu mantragala taraha impagi keluttave “”, words resonate like chants!! He is supremely expressive, a word-wizard!!
Raghavendra Raj Kumar enthralled the large audience with few unknown facts about his father. Interestingly, many had arrived from different parts of the State, just to hear about their ideal-idol. Not just that, many Bangalureans had come from different parts of Bangalore!!!! When it comes to Rajkumar, none, including his close family members,  can claim to know him completely. He was a mystical enigma, only known in parts to the people who shared his life. Not just a chapter, volumes can be published on each of his traits and abilities.

People bought the book in bulk, hence, more than 3000 copies were sold out in less than three hours!!!

Many ordinary mortals pretend to be extraordinary while there are very few extraordinary men who would love to remain ordinary. Dr Raj Kumar was one of those rare gems. If I have to describe him, in Kannada, I would put it as, “saralateyalli sampoornateyannu kanda asamanya shakti-sadhaka”.  Loosely translated, it would mean, an extraordinarily accomplished personality who saw completeness in his simplicity.

Those who had observed him closely, may have realized that he lived two lives, at one time. To the world outside, he was Dr Raj Kumar but to his own self, he remained a Muttu Raj!!

Now, it appears, although Mutturaj died many years ago, Raj Kumar continues to live on!!

Waiting for the next one!!

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