Zorba The Buddha!!

Here, I exist!!  Between perfectness and imperfectness, I exist. Between pure and impure, I exist. Between morality and immorality, I exist. Between self-sacrifice and self-centeredness, I exist. Between fully learned and fully ignorant, I exist. Between the enlightened and ignorant, I exist. Between the fully aggressive and fully submissive, I exist. Between being fully virtuous … Continue reading Zorba The Buddha!!

The court of Justice!!

https://barandbench.com/dk-shivakumar-jails-are-overcrowded-because-of-the-approach-of-investigating-agencies-mukul-rohatgi-tells-court/   How Sad!! Mukul Rohatgi, who was the Attorney General of India, till very recently, is aggressively defending a known sinner named Shivkumar. If Shivkumar is ‘pure’, then, no one can be ‘impure’. His declared assets are also like the proverbial tip of the iceberg, there is lot that is still underneath, undeclared and … Continue reading The court of Justice!!