Zorba The Buddha!!

Here, I exist!!

 Between perfectness and imperfectness, I exist.

Between pure and impure, I exist.

Between morality and immorality, I exist.

Between self-sacrifice and self-centeredness, I exist.

Between fully learned and fully ignorant, I exist.

Between the enlightened and ignorant, I exist.

Between the fully aggressive and fully submissive, I exist.

Between being fully virtuous and fully wicked, I exist.

 I am neither a saint nor a sinner, neither a Buddha nor a Zorba. If anything, I am a man of no ‘extremities’ and lead a life of ‘choicelessness’. It is not a life of this or that, nothing to choose and nothing to discard. If I choose one, I may have to leave the other and suffer a life of ‘incompleteness’.

 The philosophy of balance can be found in many of the world’s religions, particularly the eastern religions. In Buddhism, there is the principle of the “Middle Way”. In Confucianism we have the “Doctrine of the Mean”. In Taoism there is the balance between yin and yang, and from Hinduism we have the concept of balancing your chakras.

 Every form of addiction, including idealism, is bad. The art of living is to exist between the extremes. As Aristotle described, “Virtue is the golden mean between the two extremes, both of which are the vices.

 As Osho says, if one has been a “Zorba the Buddha”, one would have lived a perfect life!


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