My Conclusion!!

rich and poor image 2

My Conclusion!!

I have come to a conclusion: One can fight anything in this world but one can’t fight one’s own fate and other’s faith! In this world, it’s true that everyone has his own share of joys and sorrows but it is also equally true that everyone doesn’t have equal share of joy and sorrows. We weren’t created to be equal: we were created to balance the high and the low energies, masculine and the feminine inequalities. For few, there are more ups and for others, there are more downs. For few, there is a clear head start and for others there is too much struggle. For few, there is good health for a long spell and for others, they are crippled from the beginning. For few, it is a blessed life; for others, it is a life of curse. For few, the realization comes quickly; for others, there is a long spell of darkness. Few lead a life of abundance and for others; it is a life of depravity. It is, thus, a law of nature that no two beings are same and equal. Lastly, I have come to a conclusion, for everything there is a season and for everything there is a reason! One would realize, in life, most things go as destined and not as desired.

Always remember, in life, you can’t fight your fate and I can’t fight your faith!

One’s fate is one’s fate and one’s faith is one’s faith!



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