Tendering Vs Electing!!

Pawars, Patels, Kumars, Khurshids are going through turbulent times in politics for their alleged involvement in embezzling public funds. About most Indian politicians, most Indians are convinced of their corrupt ways. It is more than clear to the naked eyes that there are people who are “abnormally” corrupt. The law may not be able to see because it is born blind.

Many people have heard of an interesting story about a central minister. Whenever a file was sent to him for signatures, before paying him his commission, he invariably wrote, “Not   approved” and returned the file with his trademark signatures. While writing so, he would leave adequate space to insert an “e”, later. Once the contractor cleared his dues, the same file would again make a trip to the minister, for approval. So, this time, the mantri would then insert that magical “e” and return the file with the amended remarks that now read, “Note approved”!! He always carried a pen that had typical ink, not readily available in the market. He was very apprehensive of someone else amending a ‘not’ to a ‘note’, without his knowledge. When it came to money matters, he trusted no one, including himself.

Most of the Indian politicians seem to be breaking all the rules and fanatically adhering to what is famously known as Florence Nightingale principle of ‘proceed until apprehended’! The Lady with the lamp, the founder of modern nursing, is known to have exploited this attitude very effectively during the Crimean Wars.

Many a times, one realizes that the electoral method in Indian politics has failed to throw up men of character and competence. Barring exceptions, everyone is in it for the spoils, हमाम में सब नंगे! They enter with nothing but exit with enormous wealth.

So, wouldn’t it be right if we selected our parties through a tendering process rather than an electoral process? Let all parties take part in the tendering and make an “offer” for forming the government. The power goes to the highest bidder!!

On a serious note, the words “election” and “democracy” have become synonymous. Election was the only method to express the “will of the people” when there were no political parties, no mass media and no internet. Things have totally changed, now.

Can Indians think of a better method of identifying better people to rule themselves??


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