Dubai Diary


Dubai is an intoxicating concoction of present and the future, east and the west, modern and traditional, beauty and charm. It’s a haven for sensorial pleasures and endless indulgences. From food to fashion, from clothes to gizmos, from sand dunes to crystal clear water, it has everything for everyone:There’s never enough time to see it all. Exquisitely designed architectural marvels and dizzying sky scrapers dotting the cityscape represent the soul of the city. It’s a treasure trove of elegance; the stuff of dreams!! It’s a destination created, against all odds, purely for committed hedonists.A visit to Dubai is an otherworldly experience. I reckon, it is what it is for what it doesn’t have. For instance, it doesn’t have corruption culture , it doesn’t have commission culture , it doesn’t have crime culture , it doesn’t have communal clashes, it doesn’t have the clutter culture. Migrants and the locals, Americans and the British, Hindus and the Muslims not only live together but love one another. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so was Dubai. But, if one considers the rapid progress that it has made in the last two decades, it appears to be an overnight transformation. They are not just in a different time zone but in a different thought zone and it’s abundantly evident.

In keeping with the speed with which it intends to travel, Hyperloop is soon making its presence in the region. Travel time between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is going to be reduced from 90 to 9 minutes: They have knocked off a zero that had become meaningless! On a serious note, the way it’s growing, it’s bound to leave the existing Dubai far behind in the times ahead.

Of a 30 Lakh population, 85% are outsiders, many of them are suffering a punishing work schedule for the sake of their families back home. Dubai is what it is because of their efforts: People from the poor nations have made Dubai rich. The drivers, hoteliers, shopkeepers and everyone else has encyclopedic memories of the city they have seen grow right in front of their own eyes. Inter alia, I immensely enjoyed chatting with few of these uncommon heroes. Many of them spoke from their hearts, without an ounce of pretence. Each one of them has to pass the test of, what I call, 10+2. Simply put, it means, 10 months of gruelling labour in Dubai and 2 months of reunion with their loved ones, back home.

Dubai is awe-inspiring but we need to go there armed with a sense of ‘wow’, without that, even the Burj Khalifa looks just a Burj, means, a ‘tower’, in ‘Arabic’.

If there’s one place that can’t be explained, it just ought to be experienced, it’s Dubai-the most influential city!

And, for many Indians, Dubai is well within their reach, both metaphorically and literally!

Worth a hop!

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