Roar of a Tiger!


Somehow, the men in the military, respect a commanding officer (CO) who stands up to the system and questions his boss! Such encounters between the CO and his commander, during the peace time, are as spicy as the heroic exploits during war time. However, such battles come at a price that not many CO s can afford to pay. Many of the Majors couldn’t become Generals because they were consumed by the cheering and failed to notice that they had crossed the line!!
Each one of the soldiers will have experienced at least one such individual, in their career, specially if they were in uniform before the end of the last century. Interestingly, the officers of a unit whose CO was a tiger, displayed extra pride even during social gatherings. Many tend to believe that if their boss can stand up to his boss, then, he can stand up to anything, leave alone the enemy. Many of the COs have gone an extra mile to play the role of a tiger that they had unknowingly acquired. That’s why it was said, “When the top man takes a stand, the spines of the subordinates get stiffened! “
On the contrary, there are many stories about the meek and submissive Commanding Officers. They are neither revered by their own men, nor are they feared by their rivals. A typical ‘yes’ man is an unsure man, it is felt. He has no mind of his own, his men perceive. Importantly, since the unit is an extended shadow of a boss, such a behaviour spreads to the rank and file.
There are many stories of both the variety!
“Such tigers have not only become endangered, but have become extinct, ” It is now seldom that we hear the roar!
One thing is for sure, one who roars during peace, also roars during war!

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