People of the Prophet that People love to hate!



There is a Sanskrit Shubhashita

तक्षकस्य विषं दन्ते
मक्षिकायाश्च मस्तके ।
वृश्चिकस्य विषं पुच्छे
सर्वाङ्गे दुर्जनस्य च ॥

While a snake has poison in its fangs, bees have it in their head, scorpion has it in its tail and an evil guy has it throughout his body!

With such condemnable comments, one doesn’t really know whether such Muslim leaders are espousing or opposing the very cause of their community.

Majority of the good Muslims do not get a house in a housing society, their children are refused admissions in schools, youth lose out on good job opportunities and people are generally looked at with suspicion. One really feels sad to see a common Muslim man suffering for no fault of his.

If there is one reason for such a state, it is these people who claim to represent their community.

One of the chief virtues of Islam is good “neighbourliness”. Islam calls upon its followers to be generous with its neighbours, even if they are non-Muslims. ‘Whenever one prepares gravy, one ought to share it with his neighbours, even if one has to add extra water to it’ is what Islam preaches its followers. However, that does not mean one always has to resort to adding extra water!!Essentially, the teachings advocate generosity amongst its practitioners. One day, a common disciple asked the messenger of Allah, “ I have two neighbours, whom do I share my meal with?” The guru advised, “ Share it with the person whose door is closer to yours”. Simply said, Islam preaches them to be kind and noble towards fellow humans by exchanging gifts and sharing meals. It almost insists that the neighbours have a right over one’s meal even.

One had heard of a small anecdote of this mystic Muslim. The well-known scholar, Abdullah Ibn Al Mubarak, had a Jewish neighbour. As a matter of routine, Abdullah Ibn Mubarak, before consuming his day’s meal, sent a portion of that to his neighbor who was a Jew. The Jew, of course, was blessed to have the mystic guru as his neighbor who was so very generous and kind. However, the Jew ran into huge losses and decided to sell his house. The buyers asked him, ‘how much do you want to sell your house for?’  He said, ‘two thousand.’ But, they said to him, ‘your house is only worth one thousand.’ He said, ‘yes, but I want one thousand for my house and another one thousand because of the good neighbour whom I am going to leave behind for you!  Ibn Al Mubarak knew of the event, and invited his Jewish neighbour and gave him the price of the house and asked him to continue as his neighbour and not to sell his house. Think of an enlightened one, this must be the one, the true “Imam of the Muslims!”





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