Coronavirus: The Wuhan Shake


The world wouldn’t be same again is what the world is saying. I presume, hereafter, the world will have a new way of counting the days- BC and AC: ‘Before Corona’ and ‘After Corona’. Is this man-made or God-sent; no one knows. The puny little virus has affected the mankind in myriad ways. While few are worried about their life, many others are concerned about their livelihood. People who complained about too little time with their family are now beginning to notice the fissures amongst the loved ones. Everything is happening at an unprecedented pace and in an unseen manner. People don’t seem to know what to do with one another and also with one’s own self! The tension is showing on every door of an apartment. One is not too sure if Corona is going to explode, but one is pretty certain that the families will implode. With Spas and beauty parlors shut, the true colours are beginning to show-up. No one is taking one’s own selfie because the real ‘me’ is not visually appealing. In the world of make-believe, we had lost ourselves in a milieu and had begun to enjoy the company of falsehood and fantasy. With our over dependence on Swiggy for food, Ola for transport, malls for sensorial pleasures, we had lost our inability lead a life of ‘independence’. The malls seemed to provide us everything that we wanted, except ‘moksha’. Not anymore, the world has turned topsy-turvy.

Amidst chaos and crisis, there is cheer and revelry, at least for now. People seem to be doing what they have wanted to do, either within the confines of their four walls or on the social media. People good at reading are reading, people good at singing are singing and people good at preaching are preaching. With little to no work, the husbands and children are gaining weight with every bite. In many homes, since the hotels have shut, the wives, due to overwork, seem to be losing weight and gaining patience. The culinary skills of the ‘sati’ are on test. The husband who has married for ‘looks’ has to ‘labour’. ‘Don’t marry a woman who can’t cook’, were the wise words of a Pastor, few years ago.

But, seriously, the situation reminds us of that familiar but forgotten story. A huge tusker was crossing a weak wooden bridge. A fly was perched on his earlobe. After they went across, the fly said, “Hey, didn’t we really shake up that bridge?” That sums up the human attitude, today.

We have forgotten that we are a microscopic speck in the cosmic scale. We delude ourselves that we are the center of everything: It has taken an invisible ‘Coronavirus’ to shake us up from our slumber!

If there is a clarion call for a five minutes again, it has to be for the lady of the house: She has faced the maximum brunt!







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