Snakes & Ladder: The Life

snakes and ladders


I am sure, not many were aware of this hidden knowledge that the game was conceived by Sant Jnanadev.

The most striking aspect of this absorbing board game is that it relates to the lives of humans on planet earth. From zero to hundred, the life meanders through unexpected twists and turns. None can say it with certainty who would reach to the top of the chart the fastest. None knows, who gets a ladder or who gets a snake bite or who would fall precariously to the bottom just when one is within the sniffing distance of the finishing line. Sometimes, some people make huge gains without pains. In the olden days, there was a tradition where a State elephant could garland and choose a mendicant as a ruler of a country whose king suddenly died without leaving a successor or an heir.

The game is a little different in one aspect. While, in life, everyone wants more and more of most of the things, in this game, a player wishes for the favourable number when a dice is cast. But, the dice has a funny way of either over shooting or under shooting, at the most crucial times. There is nothing that a player can do anything about it, he is at the mercy of an unknown phenomenon. This game will continue to resemble life till the time we can know why the dice falls the way it falls.

Apparently, all the humans are merely playing the game of ‘snakes & ladders’. To rejoice prematurely would be a folly for one does not know when one gets bitten by a snake. Equally, it would be imprudent to remain crest-fallen for one does not know when one gets a long ladder. Happiness is a good virtue, but the psychologists say, resilience is a better virtue: Resilience is the new happiness.

However, one thing that we need to remember is that we are not the ones who throw the dice in life. We are the ‘dice’, an unknown HAND is tossing the ‘dice’.

It may sound trite to some, the game of Snakes and Ladders is ludicrous, but so is life.

Snakes and Ladders, the board game, is known as Mokshapatham: A path to salvation. But, why some get snakes and others get ladders is what they call ‘karma’.

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