Oppose the Enemy, not the Country!

Rahul Gandhi

The way the opposition parties behave even when the enemy is at the gates, reminds me of that episode from the epic.

After the Pandavas left for their vanavas ( Life in the forest ), Duryodhana wanted to see how his cousins were suffering in the forest. He rides into the forest, with his entourage in tow, to a place of dwelling of the Pandavas. He becomes happy and excited on seeing his cousins immersed in menial jobs and hard labour. He taunts them and tries to provoke. Indra deva, observing all this, is not at all pleased. Hence, instructs the Gandharvas to capture Duryodhana and his sena.

Yudhistir comes to know of the whole development and is not satisfied about this. He discusses the issue with all his brothers and seeks their advice. Bhima appeared too adamant, said he, “Let us not intervene, let the Gandharvas kill all the Kauravas and see an end to their dastardly rule.” Yudhistir, not heeding to the advice of Bhim, orders Arjuna to fight Gandharvas and free Duryodhana.

Arjuna is baffled nay perplexed: He is unable to understand his brother and his dictations. Understanding the predicament of all his brothers, Yudhistir explains,

paraiḥ paribhave prāpte vayaṃ pañcottaraṃ śatam।
paraspara virodhe tu vayaṃ pañca śataṃ tu te॥

What he said was, “When oppression comes to our entire clan from outside, we are 105 brothers against the enemy. But, in the internal fights, Pandavas are five and Kauravas are 100. We should make a distinction between internal squabble and an external threat.”

Finally, Pandavas were successful in freeing Duryodhana from the clutches of Gandharvas after an intense fight.

वयं पंचाधिकम शतम् ! Vayam Panchadhikam Shatam!
Blood is thicker than water!!

Let us, therefore, for a change, learn to oppose the enemy, and not just our government!

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