The Doctor’s Day!!


On this eve, the world needs to acknowledge, with appreciation, the service of all the doctors, healers and therapists.

To me, these are the three kinds of hospitals: One each for the body, mind and soul. While the bodily ailments are attended to in a conventional hospital, a temple is a hospital for the soul and a library is a hospital for the mind. However, while a conventional hospital equipments can accurately ascertain the deficiencies of the body, there are no such machines to discern the shortcomings in the soul and mind. For instance, no one knows the parameters concerning humility, humbleness, kindness, etc. Ironically, everyone is after success and happiness, in that, we tend to believe that we already are full with the virtues of compassion, loyalty, grace, adaptability etc. While we often hear that one has low sugar or low BP, we haven’t seen anyone complaining about low kindness, or low tenacity: Everyone thinks he has enough of it. It is high time that the scientists came up with the machines to measure the deficiencies of the virtues in humans. While the body is an outer shell, the soul is the core of our being. So, an individual with low empathy just goes to the temple, gets tested, tops up and returns. Sri Prabhupada had said long ago, “This Krishna consciousness temple is the hospital for the diseased soul. And, everyone is diseased. Come to this hospital. We shall take care of you and cure your material disease”. To me, not just Krisha temple, one may choose a God of his own liking for soul-searching.
Likewise, for the mind, how nice it would be if one were to know the extent of one’s own ignorance, goes to a library, gets checked, tops up and returns home. Libraries are the cathedrals of the mind; reading liberates an individual from the miseries of the life. Reading is a therapy that opens one’s eyes to the wonders of the life. Many philosophers advocate “bibliotherapy“, for mental ailments.

If the individuals undertake a parikrama (circumambulation) of these three entities, we would have a trinity of body, mind and soul in total harmony. We would then have “the complete humans” strolling around the streets. Presently there is a total mismatch between the three. Sickness does not occur only to the body, the soul and the mind may be sick and suffering too.

Let us not pay disproportionate attention to the body that is subject to destruction and decay anyway. We often check the sugar level in blood: How about checking the bitterness in the tongue, once in a rare while?




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