Indian Soldier and his Spirit!

Why do Indian soldiers fight the way they fight? Because, they are competing with a fellow buddy, next to them. After the fabled battle of Saragarhi, in 1897, where 21 Sikh soldiers were martyred fighting nearly 10000 tribesmen who surrounded them, the Second-in-Command of the battalion, an officer of the Australian origin, described the unrivalled … Continue reading Indian Soldier and his Spirit!

The Family Doctor!

Just as Covid was beginning to resurrect the tarnished image of the doctors, few private hospitals were again found to be over-fleecing the patients. That is why it is said: वैद्यराज नमस्तुभ्यम् यमराज सहोदर: | यमस्तु हरति प्राणान् वैद्य: प्राणान् धनानि च || (Salutations to the ‘Vaidya raja’, the brother of the ‘Yama raja’. While … Continue reading The Family Doctor!